The Ready Teddy Philosophy

The philosophy of Ready Teddy Preschool is to help each child develop socially through the process of adapting to his or her peers through play and learning experiences. The sessions are designed to promote enjoyment through work and play, refine large and small motor skills, promote physical coordination, and encourage self-development. Free and individualized play is also encouraged, and our supervised gym is exciting for each child. Organized activities and projects will provide new ideas and endless wonderment to each child.

Ready Teddy is an academic preschool. Our curriculum reflects Illinois State Standards for Early Learning.

We will be exploring the world of community helpers, animals and insects, geography, science, music, nutrition, technology, and many other concepts. We welcome parental participation, especially in planning holiday recognition and parent “workshops”. We also encourage and welcome any questions parents may have.

Our primary goal is that every child who enters our doors leaves with a positive self-image. To assure this goal is met, we will provide play experiences and hands on activities to promote the following: • Develop a sense of security in group situations. • Develop empathy and respect for others. • Establish routines and patterns and sharing behavior. • Develop effective and creative oral language. • Learn problem solving skills. • Foster a love for language and books. • Stimulate the imagination so numbers and letters remain exciting and challenging as the children move forward to their formal education years. • Assist and promote the children at their individual levels through our program so that they are eager and ready to participate in kindergarten.

We have a variety of centers and ample space with materials to help us accomplish these goals. In addition, we have an experienced and dedicated staff who share our philosophy and goals. A child’s first school experience is not only influential but vital, and we want it to be a positive one! Our preschool is a happy and safe place for this first experience to begin. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program at any time, please feel free to call 708-354-4580.