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Youth Dance Classes

Dance XPress Instructor: Ms. Michelle


A variety of dance instruction for girls and boys of all ages where participants will have fun learning new steps and routines while gaining grace, poise, and self-confidence.


Proper dance attire is required (leotard and tights, or dance top and pants for girls, shorts or sweatpants and tee shirts for boys).


Proper footwear for each class required (ballet, jazz, tap shoes, and a gym or fitness shoe for Hip Hop).

Creative Movement participants may wear ballet, jazz or gym shoes


Dance Movement for Three's (3 year olds)

This class offers younger children an exciting and fun introduction to the world of dance. Emphasis is on having fun through a variety of activities using music interpretation, movement, and imaginative thinking.


Dancing Fours (4 year olds)

This class offers your dancer a glimpse in to three forms of dance. We will explore the basics of ballet, tap and jazz. This class is great for your first time dancer as well as dancers who hav little to no experience. Dancers must have tap shoes or a hard sole shoe for tap.



Jazz is a classic dance and is incorporated in everything from Lyrical to Hip Hop to musical theater and tap.



Ballet is the foundation of dance, it helps to build a strong base for all other dance styles. Positions, technique and musicality are learned from ballet and applied to all other dance styles.



Tap is a percussive footwork that develops a dancers rhythm, style and sound.


Intermediate/Advanced Tap

Tap is a percussive footwork that develops a dances rhythm, style, and sound. 5+ consecutive tap years needed, or instructor permission.



Lyrical combines ballet and jazz with a little contemporary. This dance style helps the dancer express themselves through movement.



Strength, agility, and coordination. Hip Hop is full of high energy moves, and yet sometimes it is in learning the small moves that make this style so intricate.


Musical Theater Dance Lyrical Dance/Hip Hop

As a musical theatre performer, you will want to be well trained in all forms of dance. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Theatrical (Broadway), ballroom, and even hip-hop


1/31-5/9 Dancing Four’s  4 Tu 3:30-4:15pm $152/$162
Ballet/Tap/Jazz   5-6 Tu 4:15-5:15pm $160/$170
Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop   7-8 Tu 5:15-6:15pm $160/$170
Jazz/Lyrical/Hip Hop 11+ Tu 7:00-8:15pm $160/$170
Intermediate/Advance Tap 10+ Tu 6:15-7:00pm $155/$165

 Dance Movement for Three's 3 Th 3:30-4:00pm $148/$158
 Tap/Ballet/Jazzy Hip Hop   8-9 Th 4:00-5:00pm $160/$170
2/2-5/11  Musical Theater/Lyrical/Hip Hop 10+ Th 5:00-6:15pm $160/$170

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