School Year September 11, 2023 – May 17, 2024

Preschool Director:  Jill Cannizzo

Our preschool is designed for children ages 2-5 years old, including Pre-Kindergarten. Our curriculum is based on a non-repetitive 4-year cycle.

Illinois Early Childhood Standards and Benchmarks are implemented in our innovative learning curriculum. Additional information is available in our Parent Handbook, which can be found on our website

Registration for Preschool

You may make an appointment to see what is new and exciting at Ready Teddy Preschool.  To schedule a tour or speak with the Preschool Director Jill Cannizzo call 708-354-4580. You may register online, at the Park District Office at 1501 Barnsdale Road or over the phone at 708-354-4580

Parent Orientation Night

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

The preschool director and staff will discuss class curricula, daily schedule, tuition, and discipline.  The Parent Preschool Handbook, school calendar and other handouts are available on the Community Park District website. 

Meet the Teachers

Meet the Teachers is scheduled for either Thursday, September 7th or Thursday, September 8th, depending on your child’s class assignment. Families may preview the classroom, and become familiar with the school surroundings.

First day of school is Monday, September 11, 2023.

Program Title: Teddy Toddlers, 2 -Year -Old Program

Here is the perfect opportunity to get your toddler acquainted with other children while taking a small step into preschool. Socializing with others, music, and simple art projects will all be part of the fun! Children must be ready to stay in class without a parent. Session is 13 weeks.

Day                                Date                             Time                             Fee R/NR (Tuition is paid per session)

F                                  9/15-12/15                   8:45-10:15am                 $200/$210


F                                 1/12-5/10                     8:45-10:15am                  $200/$210





Program Title: 2 ½ Early 3-Year-Old Program

During the early years, socializing with others is an important part in preparing for school. Learning centered play will aid in enhancing social skills and self-esteem. Each child will be introduced to ABC’s, shapes, numbers, and colors!


Day                         Date                         Time                  Fee R/NR (Tuition is paid monthly)

M/W                       9/11-5/15               8:45-10:45am      $146/$156


T/TH                        9/12-5/16             8:45-10:45am      $146/$156


T/TH                        1/9-5/16               8:45-10:45am      $146/$156


Program Title: 3-Year-Old Program

This three day program focuses on preschool readiness skills through social, emotional, and physical activities such as daily art projects, music and gym time. Each child will dig deeper into learning their ABC’s, colors, and numbers!

Day                          Date                         Time                                  Fee R/NR (Tuition is paid monthly)

M/W/F                   9/11-5/17                     8:30-10:30am                   $150/$160



Program Title: 4 & 5 Pre-Kindergarten Program

This program is designed to promote reading and math readiness. In preparation for Kindergarten, each student will build confidence while working on their social and emotional skills. Art, music, roleplaying, and tablet centers are all a part of the fun!

Day                                 Date                           Time                         Fee R/NR (Tuition is paid monthly)

M-F                               9/11-5/17                     8:45-2:45pm              $624/$634

M-Th                              9/11-5/17                    8:45-2:45pm              $508/$518

M-F                                9/11-5/17                    8:30-11:30am            $312/$322


M-TH                             9/11-5/16                    8:30-11:30am               $254/$264