Creative STEAM------

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are infused together for a fun and interactive learning experience. Using a variety of materials with a hands-on, minds-on approach we will discover, create, experiment and design, all while preparing students for future concepts in the classroom.

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High Five Sports------

This class is just for the preschool age athlete. We will cover very basic skills, which will be developed for future sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Sharing, throwing, catching, and dribbling will all be part of ball play for this beginning age group. Gym shoes are a must.

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Little Chefs------

Learn to handle basic kitchen tools and follow simple steps to create yummy healthy snacks and goodies! Safety and accuracy will be emphasized. Children should be able to participate without parent. If the participant has any food allergies, please check the box on your online registration form and list all the allergies pertaining to class participation.

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Mickey Math------

Fun with numbers! Children can develop a positive attitude toward math and numbers at an early age. Activities designed just for this age group. Games, experiments and hands-on learning by doing. Sessions can be repeated, new material each time.

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Mighty Music Makers------

Celebrate your child’s growing independence through fun music and movement activities. These classes will work on the child’s attention and self-expression and include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement and storytelling. A variety of musical types will be included to widen your child’s exposure and appreciate of different musical types. Class is designed for child and adult to participate together.

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Miss Angie's Rocking Tots------ Participate with your toddler in singing, chanting, moving, dancing, listening, and playing percussion instruments. Activities will bridge the natural connection between music and movement, improve listening abilities and increase exposure and appreciate of different types of music. Class is designed for child and adult to participate together.

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Parent Tot-Tumbling------

Toddlers can develop body awareness, balance, flexibility, and coordination while having fun doing gymnastics. Parents assist with skills in a safe and caring environment. Please bring a water bottle to class.

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Rocket Readers------

Empower emergent readers as they explore initial sound concepts. Phonics fun and language skills through games, rhymes, and dozens of “hands-on” activities. Additional sessions feature new materials. Consecutive sessions recommended.

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Messy Me------

A child’s first class with Mom! Dress for a mess as we will be playing in sand and water, finger painting, and more. Lots of fun and activities designed especially for these little beginners!

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