League Rules For 2020 Sand Volleyball League

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  1. The following rules and regulations are set forth by the Park District with the sole purpose of insuring each participant of having a good time through friendly competition.

  2. Each participant must be properly registered and have signed the team roster.

  3. The league will be played at Memorial Park on Wednesday evenings.

  4. The program supervisor is a staff member of the Park District. Remember, this person is there to help you enjoy the program. They are an official representative of the Park District.

  5. Officials will not be provided. It will be up to each team to make their own calls
    when a violation occurs on their side of the net. The program supervisor will maintain a score sheet. Everyone should keep in mind that this is strictly a recreational program and not the trials for the Olympics.

  6. Poor conduct by individuals will not be tolerated. Individuals causing problems may be removed from the game and the Park District reserves the right to bar any individual from continued participation in the program. A formal letter, a copy of which will be retained in the permanent file of the Park District, will do this.

  7. Cancellation or postponement of games will be communicated by the Park District via email to team captains or players may call the rainout hotline at 708-354-4580 ext. 300 after 5:00pm. Team captains are then responsible for contacting their players. As soon as games are rescheduled, team captains will be notified. Monday evenings are reserved for rain make-ups.


A. Play will be regulated by the IHSA unless otherwise stated in the league rules and regulations.

B. Players must be listed on the official team roster. The Park District must be notified of any and all changes. All players must sign the roster form or they will be unable to participate in the league. A maximum of 6 players are allowed per roster. Once half way through the season, no additions, deletions or changes of any kind are permitted to the roster.

C. Teams may begin regulation play with four players. Less than four will constitute a forfeit. 4 players on the court constitute a full team.

D. Men and women players must hold alternate positions during all league play, exception being with only 5 players – you must alternate as much as possible.

E. Flip a coin for choice of serve or side of first game; then subsequent games, the losing team gets first serve. Teams change sides after every game.


a. Three games will constitute a match. The winner of two games will win the match. All games will utilize USA Volleyball Rally Scoring. A point is awarded on every rally regardless of which team is serving. A game is won when a team has scored 21 points and is at least two points ahead (to a maximum of 23 points). The third game will be played even if one team wins the first two games (third games help in determining winners in the event of a tie).

b. A 1 (one) hour maximum time limit per match will be in effect. When time runs out, the team leading will be declared the winner. If the ball is in play when time runs out, the point will completed. If the game is tied after 1 hour, a winner will be determined by a 1-point sudden death.

c. Each team will be permitted two – 30 second time outs each game. Injury to a player will not constitute a time out. 3 minutes only between games.

d. Players are allowed on the centerline, but at no time are allowed over that plane. Spikers may follow through over the net but at no time may come in contact with the net. A portion of the ball must have completely passed over the plane of the net before a player on the receiving team may come in contact with the ball.

e. Rotation will be done in a clockwise manner and a person coming in from the sub line must enter in the middle back position. Substitution is not mandatory.

f. If your team has to forfeit a match, please contact the Park District Office. If your team has received a forfeit you do not have to show up to win the match; however, you may use the time for practice. If a team forfeits 2 matches they will be eliminated from the league.

g. Game time is forfeit time for GAME 1; ten minutes after game time is forfeit time for GAMES 2 and 3.

h. Spiking and blocking is allowed by front row players only.

i. Serve must be announced with the score.

j. No blocking or attacking of a serve. Setting of the serve is legal. Net serves are also legal.

k. In the event of a tie, the following will apply to break the tie: 1. The team with the best won-loss record against the other tied teams 2. The team that scored the most points in its game against the team(s) will be awarded the higher position 3. If the points are equal, a single game playoff will determine the higher position


I. Only persons 18 years and older are eligible to play.

II. No alcohol will be permitted in the park by players or spectators.

III. You are guests of the Park District. Please show respect for property and items owned by both the Park District and fellow participants.

IV. Cash awards for season/tournament winners.

Revised 05/15/19