League Rules For 2020 Women's Softball League

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2021 WOMEN'S 14” SOFTBALL RULES Community Park District of La Grange Park

  1. The softball season is scheduled to begin on Monday May 10, 2021 at Hanesworth Park.

  2. Games will be played on Monday evenings. Each team must have a minimum of nine players ready to play by game time or the game will be declared a forfeit. A team that has nine players must start at game time, any player coming after the start of the game must enter at the bottom of the batting order, but cannot enter the game until the start of the next complete inning (unless an injury occurs).

  3. All rainouts will be made up depending on field availability which will be on the Sunday after the rainout. CAPTAINS will be notified by Matt Crilly via text and email. Captains will be responsible for contacting players.

  4. League fees: $500.00 Resident/$550.00 Non Resident due Monday, May 3, 2021. (To qualify for RESIDENT rate, your roster must have 50% residents)

  5. NO SMOKING on the benches or on the field.

  6. Any player removed from the game by the umpire, will be suspended for the next game. If the same player continues to be a nuisance, she could be barred from the league.

  7. Rules for the league will be governed by ASA 16” Softball rules and regulations. Exception of local rules.

  8. The home team is the left number on the schedule, such as 4-1. 4 is the home team and 1 is the visiting team. Home team has 3rd base bench and supplies new softball provided by the Park District.

  9. The visiting team will put the bases and equipment out prior to the game and the home team will put everything away after the game. The home team is also responsible for placing completed scorecards back in equipment boxes.

  10. AWARDS: 1st Place Season - $175.00, 2nd Place Season - $125.00

  11. AWARDS: 1st Place Tournament - $75, 2nd Place Tournament - $25

  12. Spectators are not allowed on the bench.

  13. Each team roster must be turned in by the first game. Failure to turn in a roster will result in forfeits until the roster has been submitted. Once the halfway point of the season is completed, no new players may be added to the roster. (Exception: an injured player may be replaced after approval from the Recreation, Facilities & Safety Manager)

  14. Team rosters may consist of a maximum of 22 players who are 16 years or older. A player under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian to participate.

  15. Team rosters will be kept in the equipment box. Any players that have not signed the roster must do so before being eligible to play.

  16. Make sure all ground rules and local rules are covered before the games between respective captains and umpires.

  17. PROTESTS: a. Games can ONLY be protested on rule violations, both regarding games play as well as roster violations. You cannot protest an umpire’s judgment call. If protest is asked for the umpire will stop play at that point, sign the scorecard and notify opposing team of game being played under protest. b. Protest on ineligible/illegal players MUST BE MADE IMMEDIATELY WHEN THE PLAYER ENTERS THE GAME. Team rosters may then be checked to determined eligibility of the questioned player. If the questioned player does not have a picture I.D. on her, she will not be able to play. PLEASE INFORM ALL PLAYERS TO BRING A PHOTO I.D. TO EVERY GAME TO VERIFY ELIGILITY IF THE ISSUE ARISES. c. Upon completion of game, protesting team shall put protest in writing and submit to the Park District no later than 24 hours after the game. The Park District will judge all protest and his/her decision will be final.
    d. If the protest is upheld the game will be played from the point of protest.

  18. Each at bat will start with 1 Ball and 1 Strike

  19. Twelve (12) or more runs after 4 1/2 innings and ten (10) after 5 1/2 innings will declare any team ahead the winner. The home team will be allowed to bat in the bottom half of the inning if they are the losing team.

  20. Team standings will be posted on the park district website communityparkdistrict.org.

  21. Official distance between bases is 60 feet and the distance between home and pitchers’ rubber is 40 feet.

  22. PITCHING ARC – Minimum arc of 6 feet and unlimited maximum arc.

  23. A carpet will be used behind home plate to determine strikes. If a pitch hits the carpet, it is a strike. Pitches striking both plate and carpet are balls.

  24. COURTESY RUNNER – a team may request a courtesy runner. The courtesy runner must be the last out. Courtesy runners MUST BE granted.

  25. EXTRA HITTER – a team may insert an extra hitter into its lineup. The batting order must remain constant; however any 10 of the 11 players can take a defensive position throughout the game. It is not mandatory that a team uses an extra hitter, but failure to declare such a hitter prior to the game precludes the use of an extra hitter in that game. If an extra hitter is used, team must finish with 11 players. If they are unable then the vacant spot becomes an out when that player’s turn comes up. Remember you can play with 9 players. If you start with 10 and you lose a player, the same rule applies when coming to bat.

  26. RE-ENTRY RULE – any player, who is substituted for, may re-enter the game anytime, but must re-enter for the same player who replace the starter.

  27. SLIDE RULE – a reasonable attempt must be made to avoid the tag if not sliding. Failure to avoid the tag will result in an out – UMPIRE JUDGEMENT.

  28. There will be no postponement of any game for any reason except inclement weather; or unless determined by the umpire or Park District representative.

  29. BASE RUNNING – PICK OFF PLAY – which does not start as a result of a batted ball. Should the pitcher while on or near the rubber, or the catcher, throw to any base in an attempt to put out the base runner, the base runner may advance at her own risk unless the base to which she is advancing is occupied preceding the throw. This is also true at 3rd base, the runner may score. When picking off a runner, the initial throw must be made at the base. Ex. – runner on 1st, the throw must be made to 1st and not to 2nd base. If the pitcher or catcher runs at the runner they cannot steal until a throw is made to the base they are leaving. If the throw is made to any other location the runner cannot steal, but can be tagged out. Ex. – runners on 1st and 3rd, pitcher or catcher makes a throw to pick off runner at 3rd base, the 1st base runner cannot advance, if they do they can be tagged out.

  30. Third strike foul, batter is out, ball is dead, and no runners can advance.

  31. No new inning may begin after one (1) hour from the start of the game. The time will be kept on the field by the umpire on the scorecard. It will be the umpire’s job to let team captains know at the start of the 5th inning how much time is remaining. When one (1) hour has passed, the current inning will be completed. Any following at-bats will not be started.

  32. SAFETY BASES – On plays at 1st base, the base runner must run to the orange base.

  33. Whereas the ’98 ASA rules states: when starting with only 9 players, when the 10th position bats, an out is recorded. THIS RULE WILL NOT APPLY.

  34. Home Run limit - 4

  35. In the event of a tie, the following will apply to break the tie: a. The team with the best won-loss record against the other tied teams. b. the team that scored the most runs in its game against the team(s) will be awarded the higher position. c. if the runs are equal, a single game playoff will determine the higher position.

  36. Blood Rule – a player, coach or umpire who is bleeding or who has blood on his uniform shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment can be administered. If medical care is administered in a reasonable length of time, the individual will not have to leave the game. The umpire will determine the reasonable length of time. The umpire shall: stop play and allow treatment; if the injured player would affect the continuation of the game. Immediately call a captain or other authorized person to the injured player. Apply rules of the game regarding substitution, short-handed player and re-entry if necessary.

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