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SOCCER ------------------------------------

Little Lyons Soccer 

Instructor : LTSC

Little Lyons is a fun, recreational soccer experience for boys and girls ages 3-8 years old. Little Lyons is aimed at continuing to develop each child’s cognitive, motor abilities through these dynamic, fun, and engaging soccer activities. Participants will learn proper technical skills from our team of enthusiastic coaches from LTSC. Each child will feel encouraged and comfortable during every session as they experience new activities week to week. Visit www.ltsc.us/littlelyons for more information. Each player must bring a soccer ball and a water bottle. AGE: 3-8 years

TUMBLING ------------------------------------


Instructor: M. Dawson

Start out learning the proper way to perform rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. This class is a great introduction to tumbling, and it opens the door to gymnastics possibilities.
AGE: 4-6 years

Beginner Tumbling

Instructor: M. Dawson

Our next step for those tiny tumblers, this class will focus on proper technique and reinforce movements learned in pre-tumbling. Students will develop functional strength that will aid them as they advance toward gymnastics. AGE: 6-7 years

FOOTBALL -----------------------------------

Nerf Flag Football

Instructor: Sports R Us

Tackle the fun with this instructional, non-contact class. Using mini-sized nerf-like footballs along with the introduction of flags, players will learn the skills to get them started in football. Along with the core skills of passing and catching, players will learn the rules, positions on the field, as well strategies for both offense and defense. Games will be played at the end of each class. AGE: 5-6 years

Baseball/Softball --------------------------------

BASKETBALL -----------------------------

Kids Karate Club

Instructor: Kids Karate Club

Kids Karate Club is a high energy, progressive, motivational martial arts program developed specifically for kids to have fun while learning. Students will learn stances, strikes, blocks, kicks and sparring techniques all while building confidence. They will learn about strangers and how to combine the techniques they learn to protect themselves. This program targets many building blocks for children today; respect, self-esteem, leadership, and making good choices. This is a year-round progressive martial arts program with belt progression through Black Belt.

This program comes with the “Never Miss a Class Guarantee.” If a student misses a class (i.e. schedule conflict, sick, etc) or the center closes for any reason, the missed classes will be available with pre-recorded, instructor led classes by belt level. Kids Karate Club uniforms are required and are available at www.KidsKarate.com or from the instructor at class (needed by the second week of class). Parents may participate with their children at no cost other than purchasing a parent helper karate club uniform. For more info visit: www.KidsKarate.com. AGE: 4-14 years