What is a National Fitness Court?

The Fitness Court is the nation's most innovative outdoor gym. It was designed by the National Fitness campaign to provide a seven-movement, seven-minute system that allows you to use your own body weight to get the perfect workout. 

         Ultimate Boot Camp        
        INSTRUCTOR: Strive 4 Fitness

        The Strive Ultimate Bootcamp is an event like no other that ties all your training together and tests your body both physically and mentally. You work together

        alongside other Strive warriors to challenge yourself and push yourself to new limits. The event brings together the endurance and strength you work on so

        hard in classes into one big and classic Strive event. This event will show you just how much you really are capable of. All fitness levels are welcomed.

        Participants receive a finisher medal and bragging rights. AGE: 16+

        New Year's Strive Weight Loss Challenge

        INSTRUCTOR: Strive 4 Fitness
        Strive to be your best in 2022! This unique personalized New Year Strive Challenge targets your New Year Weight Loss Goals. Success is determined

        by a personalized point system that includes factors like body measurements, body fat composition, and weight loss. This is a comprehensive program that
        focuses on support, nutrition, and exercise. Participants will be granted access to a private Facebook group for nutrition coaching, have access to a certified

        nutrition specialist, and will have full access to all Strive classes at all locations from January 15-February 26. Prizes will be awarded to the most successful

        participants.  AGE: 18+


        April Boot Camp Pass

        INSTRUCTOR: Strive4Fitness

        Need an extra push? STRIVE boot camps are designed to keep you on your toes! We want to keep you guessing - each class is designed

        to be different and push you out of your comfort zone! We will challenge you every class! Our goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation.

        We want you to have tons of fun but be prepared for some high intensity training. Purchase a 30-Day Unlimited Boot Camp pass through the

        Community Park District and STRIVE donates 50% of each purchase back to community fitness opportunities in La Grange Park!

        Click here for the April Boot Camp Pass

        Strive 4 Fitness Punch Cards

        The Community Park District is currently selling Strive 4 Fitness Punch Cards and Bootcamp passes through its website. For each

        card sold through the park District, Strive will donate an additional 50% of the proceeds to support the project.  Through the

        Community Park District, Strive will donate 50% of the proceeds to help improve the outdoor amenities in La Grange Park to help keep

        you and your family fit and active. 

        Buy a Strive 4 Fitness Punch Card Now!