Summer Fitness Classes

YOGA -----------------------

Basic Yoga
Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Instructor: Theresa

Yoga in the evenings will produce a more restful night's sleep. Yoga brings tranquility, balance and strength to your life. We will focus on meditation, breathing exercises, alignment, and basic yoga poses. Awaking your inner spirit with yoga philosophy and challenge your body to stretch. This class is suitable for all experience levels. Wear comfortable cloths. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle.   AGE: Adult

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Yoga Fitness
Thursdays from 7am-8am

Instructor: Theresa

Experience this slow flow yoga fitness class. The instructor leads you through a balanced approach to a toned and strong body. Class will begin with simple breathing exercises to release the thoughts and calm the mind. A warm-up of stretching will follow, including a slow stepping through yoga poses. We will work at the wall on balancing. Some Pilate’s and fitness balls, blocks and straps will be used to strengthen the smaller muscles and add strength for the larger muscles. Dress comfortably and bring a sturdy yoga mat and a water bottle.  Masks will be worn while in the Recreation Facility.  AGE:  16 & older

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Gentle Yoga (Hybrid and Virtual Options)

Instructor: Marianne Mohrhusen (Park District of La Grange)

This class is ideal for people of all sizes, ages, and fitness levels. Gain added flexibility, strength and calmness. And do it with the enjoyment that comes with doing things SLOWLY. Dress comfortably and bring an exercise mat. Masks are required at all times inside the Recreation Center.  AGE:  16 & older

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NEW! Restorative Yoga (A meditative outdoor experience)
Tuesdays 8:15am-9am

Instructor: Michelle D

Learn asanas and Yoga techniques to restore the health and vitality of the entire body.  Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness, and deep breathing.  Please bring a yoga mat to class. AGE:  16 & older

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STRENGTH  -----------------------

NEW! Ballet For Fitness
Instructor: Michelle D

Reconnect with your grace and flexibility! This class is perfect for those who haven't danced in years or brand-new beginners. Learn proper ballet technique while improving muscle tone, balance, and memory.   AGE: 13 & older 

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NEW! Mat Pilates

Instructor: Michelle D

The Pilates method of body conditioning promotes physical harmony while providing a refreshing and energizing workout. The program focuses on the core postural muscles such as the abdomen, lower back, and hips, which help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. Please bring a mat to class.  AGE: 16 & older

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NEW! Strength Training with Abs
Instructor: Michelle D

This strength training class is designed to increase your metabolism and increase with muscle endurance through lifting weights. This intense but easy-to-follow workout will give you a total body workout. Strength Training with Abs will burn fat and you will feel stronger by the end of the session. Please bring a mat to class. AGE: 16 & older

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CARDIO  -----------------------

NEW! Zumba (Adults)
Instructor: Michelle D

Ditch the workout - join the party! ZUMBA has easy to follow moves and routines. Featuring interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you've got ZUMBA!   AGE: 13 & older

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SUPER LOW IMPACT  -----------------------

NEW! Chair Exercise

Instructor: Michelle D

For people living with Arthritis stiffness and pain. This class is designed for adults age 50 & over to reduce arthritis pain and stiffness, build muscle around your joints, increase your energy, and prevent other health problems.  AGE: 50+ 

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Building Healthy Community

The Community Park District is thrilled to announce an innovative new partnership with Strive 4 Fitness! By supporting each other, Strive 4 Fitness and the Community Park District will provide incredible new fitness opportunities designed to improve the overall health and wellness of La Grange Park and surrounding communities.  Through the Community Park District, Strive will donate 50% of the proceeds to help improve the outdoor amenities in La Grange Park to help keep you and your family fit and active.

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Building STRONG Community

Strive 4 Fitness Pledges $25,000 to Help Bring Outdoor Fitness Court to La Grange Park

September 15, 2020

Almost eleven years ago, fitness guru Shawn Groll strolled into Memorial Park with a vision of helping people achieve better, healthier lives. By 2013, his unique, community-oriented approach to fitness attracted a passionate group of participants dedicated to his outdoor bootcamp.

By 2016, Shawn and his wife Victoria opened their first boutique fitness studio in Brookfield and their business-model of caring, holistic fitness attracted more members than their tiny location could accommodate. Since then, Shawn and Victoria have opened three additional studios -with their largest one opening on August 17, 2020, right here in La Grange Park.

Amid expanding their business and managing the complications arising from a global pandemic, Shawn and Victoria were approached by the Community Park District of La Grange Park's new executive director, Jessica Cannaday. Over the past year, Cannaday had been looking for new ways to provide programming to the community, was tightening up the park district's park usage and rental procedures and was also navigating immense financial fall-out from the pandemic.

"I was really impressed with their messaging, and I just knew that there was a way we could support each other in creating opportunities for the residents of La Grange Park to live healthier lives," said Cannaday.

Strive 4 Fitness and the park district scheduled a phone conference. In less than 30 minutes, there were dozens of new ideas on the table and some big plans began to form. When Shawn learned that COVID was forcing the park district to consider returning a $30,000 grant to install a new state-of-the-art outdoor fitness court in Memorial Park, it sealed the deal.

"We know 2020 has been a rough year," said Shawn, "but in so many ways it's been great for us. We wanted to make this outdoor gym a reality for La Grange Park."

On September 1, 2020, the Community Park District and Strive 4 Fitness solidified a partnership that would provide new fitness classes and events through the park district. Strive 4 Fitness also committed to participating in annual park improvement and beautification projects to make Memorial Park the best it can be; and last, but certainly not least, Strive 4 Fitness pledged $25,000 to help the park district install the new fitness court in Memorial Park.

The Fitness Court is the nation's most innovative outdoor gym. It was designed by the National Fitness campaign to provide a seven-movement, seven-minute system that allows you to use your own body weight to get the perfect workout. This new outdoor facility will be free for the community to use. "This really is a partnership that is designed to build a strong community from the inside out," says Cannaday.

The Outdoor Fitness Court will be installed as part of a comprehensive capital improvement project that addresses the last piece of Memorial Park that has yet to be improved, which was officially approved at the regular meeting of the Community Park District of La Grange Park on September 14, 2020. The scope of the project includes improvements to the existing tennis courts and renovating the multi-purpose court to include two pickleball courts, the National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court, and a multi-use activity area.

Aside from these improvements, residents can look forward to and increased number of fitness programs and new fitness-related community special events.

The Community Park District is currently selling Strive 4 Fitness Punch Cards and Bootcamp passes through its website. For each card sold through the park District, Strive will donate an additional 50% of the proceeds to support the project.  Through the Community Park District, Strive will donate 50% of the proceeds to help improve the outdoor amenities in La Grange Park to help keep you and your family fit and active.

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