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This summer, give your child the opportunity to explore a new hobby, learn a new skill, or express themselves creatively! Summer Out of School activities aren't just fun, they are essential tools in the healthy development of children of all ages and abilities! Structured activities are linked to cognitive and social/emotional development, high functioning academic performance, increased self-esteem, and the development of healthy supportive relationships.

Lego Engineering Science Camp

INSTRUCTOR: The Whole Child

Do you love Legos? Design moving assemblies, build bridges and robots too! Then test them to see how well they work. Explore programming with WeDo Robotics. This is an opportunity to learn about the science behind what you are building! AGE: 5 to 12

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NEW! Chess Scholars Summer Clinic

INSTRUCTOR: Chess Scholars

Develop your child’s intellect through the royal game of chess! Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including mathematics and language arts. Also, chess has been proven to enhance children’s motivation, concentration, focus, social skills, and creativity. No previous knowledge of chess is necessary. Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Both beginner and experienced players are welcome and will get to the next level under the guidance of an experienced Chess Scholars coach. There will also be a chess competition with prizes at the end of the session! GRADES: K-8

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Magic Class


Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mesmerizing tricks! Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mind-reading and more. While tricks may appear difficult, you’ll discover that they are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and learn age appropriate tricks. Brand new tricks taught at each class. AGE: 5 to 12

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Up, Up, and Away-Building Flying Models


Learn to make a new rubber band powered flying model from balsa wood. Have fun building, flying and learning how to fix the modes if they break. Each week a new model will be assembled. All models will be tested and trimmed and then taken home. AGE: 8 to 12

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Spanish For Children


Spanish is a fun and useful second language for children. Learn to speak Spanish through songs, games and stories and explore a different culture. AGE: 5 years

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Spanish For Youth


Learn to speak Spanish in a fun environment. This course is based on learning grammar and pronunciation through songs and activities. Children will learn basic words and vocabulary, including animals, family members, body parts and much more. AGE: 6-7 years

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Kid Art

Waitlist only INSTRUCTOR: Staff

Art just for fun! This is the perfect class for the beginning artists who like to experiment with a variety of materials. Use different art supplies to create your own unique and colorful art! Explore different techniques and apply them to your masterpiece! AGE: 5-7 years

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Sports of All Sorts

Waitlist Only


This class is for the participant who wants to try it all! Children can try a variety of sports such as basketball, t-ball, soccer, hockey and more. Sharing, throwing, catching and dribbling will all be part of play for this beginning age group. Gym shoes are a must! AGE: 3-4 years

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Super Science


This program is a great introduction to science! You are sure to have a great time and learn something in this hands-on science class. We will make concoctions, create some chemical reactions, and conduct real science experiments! AGE: 3-4 years

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Discovery Kids


Science is all about discovering, exploring and getting messy, and that is what this class is about! This program is a great introduction to science! It will help children explore several interesting science concepts and experiments! So, get those safety goggles ready and get excited about science! AGE: 5-7 years

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Slime Time!


Let's create some SLIME together! We will create two different types of slime. Each participant will help make their own batches of slime to take home. Recipes included! AGE: 6 to 10

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Super Slime & Gooey Chemistry Camp

INSTRUCTOR: The Whole Child

It’s time for slime! Become a mad scientist! Brew up crazy concoctions, and maybe even an explosion or two. Come prepared to get messy and have a great time! AGE: 5 to 12

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Harry Potter Science Camp

INSTRUCTOR: The Whole Child

Come to Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Join the wizarding class and learn how to cast spells and mix potions that actually work. Discover unique creatures. A bowtruckle, or a niffler anyone? AGE: 5 to 12

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Vet Science Camp

Waitlist Only

INSTRUCTOR: The Whole Child

Do you love animals? Come to Vet School and learn all about animals. Give pet exams, first aid treatments, and perform mock surgeries. We’ll learn about caring for pets and have live pet encounters. AGE: 5 to 12

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Beginning Guitar

Waitlist Only

INSTRUCTOR: American Music Institute

This guitar class is set up for beginning students and will teach how to play and jam with their peers. Emphasis is placed on having fun while learning! Along with guitar playing essentials, students will learn guitar skills through playing classic pop songs. Essential guitar skills and basic note-reading are taught in a fun, supportive setting that allows students to develop at their own pace. Note: instruments not provided. AGE: 6 to 12

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Beginning Voice

INSTRUCTOR: American Music Institute

In a non-competitive, nurturing environment, learn to sign great songs from musical theater, Disney, pop songs, etc. This voice class is perfect for kids who love to sing but may not be ready for private lessons. Young singers learn how to sing together, harmonize, musical traditions, and create beautiful music in a relaxing and healthy environment. AGE: 6 to 12

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