Strategic Master Plan 2022-2027

On Monday, November 8 the Community Park District Board of Park Commissioners approved a contract with JSD to enter into Strategic Master Plan process to address each of the Community Park District parks, facilities, programs, policies and operations. This process will help the Community Park District board and staff best meet the needs of your families and our community as a whole. 

We need your input! The Park District and JSD will be providing a wide rage of opportunities to engaging the community in helping us create a better future for parks and recreation. Please visit regularly for updates on this exciting process. 

Financing for new projects will be available in December!
To take advantage of historically low interest rates, the Community Park District plans to refinance existing debt that was issued in 2011. On November 8, the Community Park District approved a $3 million bond parameter ordinance, which is a parameter the park district cannot exceed. We anticipate that the new non-referendum general obligation bond issuance will be approximately $2.3 million in aggregate. Half the issuance will be dedicated to refinancing existing debt, and approximately $1.1-$1.3 million will be dedicated to finance projects and park improvements for our community. 

Because of the significant refinancing savings, the new debt issuance will have a nearly $0 impact on residents' tax bills. Last year, the park district's bond payment was approximately $286,000. New debt payments are estimated to be $288,000 and the payment structure will only extend out one additional year from the existing schedule. 

Let's Get Started!

Residential Park Preplanning Surveys

We have preliminary surveys designed for each residential park - Beach Oak, Yena, Robinhood, and Stone Monroe. Please help us gather important preliminary information by filling out the survey that applies to the park closest to your home. Check back often for updated information on Needs Assessment Surveys and Focus Group Meetings. 

Beach Oak Park Survey (East of La Grange Road and South of 31st Street)

Yena Park Survey (East of the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and North of 31st Street)

Robinhood Park Survey (West of the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and North of 31st - if you live south of 31st and use Robinhood as your primary park, please fill out the survey)

Stone Monroe Park Survey (West of La Grange Road)


The Community Park District Board of Commissioners and Staff have developed this four-year master plan in order to improve our parks over time in an orderly and prudent manner. The plan will be reviewed annually in preparation for each new capital spending budget. The plan is also a great communication tool for residents who are curious to know how their Park District officials are thinking in terms of park improvements.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND the following while reading through the material:

  • The recommendations utilize the facts and public opinion as we understand them now. New facts and opinion will likely modify plan detail over time to some degree.
  • Those with question or comment are encouraged to either contact Executive Director Roy Cripe or attend a Park Board meeting held on the 2nd Monday of each month.

  • Community History
  • Existing Strategic Plan
  • Executive Summary

  • Park Land Categories
  • Park Classifications

  • Village Demographics
  • Financial Conditions
  • Park Acreage Standards
  • Spatial Analysis & Maps
  • Community Input and Meetings

  • Park Facility Matrix
  • Park Surveys & Enhancement Recommendations
  • Park Master Plans

  • Park Development
  • Guidelines for Land Acquisition
  • Maintenance & Infrastructure

  • Implementation Plan – Priorities
  • Four-Year Funding Plan
  • Funding Opportunities