League Rules For 2020 Men's Wiffle Ball League

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  1. The Wiffle Ball season will begin Wednesday January 15th at Park Junior High School (333 N. Park Rd). League fees guarantee a minimum of eight games which may or may not include a post season tournament.

  2. Rosters shall consist of a maximum of 8 players. Four players constitute a full team, 3 of which will play the field and 1 extra hitter. Less than three players at game time will be declared a forfeit. Once half way through the season, no additions, deletions or changes of any kind are permitted to the roster.

  3. Defensive players may be positioned anywhere behind the pitching area and between the foul lines.

  4. Gloves may not be used by any player.

  5. Hitters must use two hands when hitting.

  6. Hitters may not lean into or attempt to catch pitches. The penalty for doing so will be a strike.

  7. Hitters may not bunt or “slap”. Hitters must take a full swing. If a hitter bunts or “slaps”, he will be ruled out.

  8. If a team has only three players available and the bases are loaded, the player scheduled to bat must leave the base they occupy and take their turn at bat. The penalty for doing this is the team will lose that base runner.

  9. The official count shall be 1 ball and 1 strike. A strike shall be called if a pitched ball hits the strike zone in the air, if a batter swings and misses or fouls off a pitch. The batter is out on a fouled third strike.

  10. The pitcher must deliver the ball so that the average hitter has a reasonable opportunity to hit. Excessive speed will not be permitted. If a pitch is determined to be excessive in speed that pitch will be declared a ball.

  11. Any pitched ball, which hits the batter, legally positioned in the batter’s box, shall be called a ball. NOTE: If the batter makes no attempt to move or attempts to catch the ball, the pitch shall be declared a strike.


  13. No protests will be considered.

  14. Force plays may be made at first base or pitchers’ hand. Pitchers must have both feet within the pitcher’s area for the batter to be ruled out.

  15. Runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit.

  16. A regulation game consists of seven innings or 40 minutes, unless extended because of a tie score or either team is ahead by 12 or more runs after 4.5 innings.

  17. A Home Run will be declared for balls that land above the blue stripe painted on the back wall. Balls that hit the back-basketball hoop will be declared a triple. Balls that hit the side basketball hoops (that are in fair territory), ceiling or ceiling fans are in play and considered a live ball.

  18. There will be no umpires. Teams will call their own balls, strikes and outs. A supervisor will be on hand to keep score and to monitor game status i.e. games are running on time, rules are being adhered to and for the general safety of the program and participants. League supervisor has the authority and responsibility to settle all disputes, suspend any player for behavior judged to be dangerous, threatening or not in the best interest of the league. Anyone ejected from the game will serve a minimum one game suspension. Second offense will result in dismissal from the league.

  19. Only persons 16 years of age and older may participate. Persons under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

The Community Park District of LaGrange Park has the authority to modify game rules at any time to insure the safety of participants. When not covered by the Community Park District Wiffle Ball rules, baseball/softball rules will apply.

Revised January 6, 2020