League Rules For 2019/2020 Women's Volleyball League

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  1. The volleyball season will begin Tuesday October 1, 2019 at Park Junior High School starting at 7:00 pm. A minimum of 12 matches will be played.

  2. Park your car in the south parking lot (Ogden Avenue). Enter the building on
    the south side. Once inside proceed straight down the hallway (heading north) through the cafeteria and then turn right to the north gym. The gym is on the north side of the building, but we enter/exit via the south entrance.

  3. Our conscientious use of the building and grounds will help promote continued school/park cooperation. Please observe the NO SMOKING rules in the building and NO FOOD OR DRINK in the gymnasium requested by School District 102. We also ask that you remind violators of these rules.

  4. All equipment including practice and game balls is provided. Gym shoes are required for play.

  5. All participants must sign a waiver of liability (provided) to be eligible to play.

  6. The gymnasium is not equipped to handle spectators during this activity.

  7. There will be one referee provided for each match.

  8. The referee will be responsible for calling the game and keeping score.

  9. The league play will be governed by the Illinois High School Association Volleyball rules (except for in-house rules).

  10. The referee will have the authority to warn and/or expel from the premises any player, substitute or spectator who interferes with the orderly progress of the game. If someone is removed from the premises, then that person is banned from the league for one game. If an individual continues to be a problem, then they will be barred from the program.

  11. Team rosters are limited to twelve (12) players and must be at least 16 years of age (participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian).

  12. No players may be added to a team roster after the first half of the season.

  13. If a player drops from a team roster, she MAY NOT join another team.

  14. Team standings will include all three games of the match.

  15. Each team will be scheduled to play three games per match. All games will utilize USA Volleyball Rally Scoring. A point is awarded on every rally regardless of which team is serving. A game is won when a team has scored 25 points and is at least two points ahead (to a maximum of 27 points).

  16. Teams will be given up to 3 minutes between games.

  17. Substitutions must rotate into the center back position and a player rotates out from the back right. The only exception is when a player gets hurt, then a player may go directly to that position and the injured player must remain out for the duration of the game. Once a substitute player enters the game she must remain in the game until she has rotated to all positions before being substituted. The only exception would again be for an injured player. She could rotate out when she rotates from the right forward to server.

  18. Beginning this year we will allow contact below the waist. Also new this year is that teams must rotate on first side out and re-serves will not be allowed.

  19. Team captain must inform referee of any substitutions being made.

  20. Teams are allowed two-time outs during any one game. Time outs will last 30 seconds.

  21. The referee will determine necessary ground rules before the beginning of each match.

  22. Each team must field a minimum of four players to play a game or the game will be called a forfeit.

  23. A grace period of 5 minutes after game time will be given to any team without a full compliment of players before a forfeit is ruled for the first game. A grace period of 10 minutes will be given for the second game and 15 minutes for the third game.

  24. The first match will begin at 7:00pm. Warm up time will be from 6:50-7:00pm. Scheduled game times for the second and third matches are 8:00 & 9:00pm respectively.

  25. In the event of a tie, the team with the best won-loss record against the tied teams will be awarded the higher place. In the event that each team beat each other equal games, then head-to-head points will be considered.

  26. Awards: SEASON: 1st place - $150.00, 2nd place - $100.00, 3rd place - $50.00. TOURNAMENT: 1st place - $50.00.

  27. Most important relax and have fun!! Your teams spirit of fair play and having fun is both applauded and appreciated. Everyone is a winner when good judgment and a respect for others prevail.

    1. A coin toss will determine who serves in the first game.
  28. Team registration fee is $360.00 for resident teams (50% of team must reside in LaGrange Park). $435.00 for non-resident teams.

REVISED September 24, 2019