Memorial Park is under construction.  

The playground will be closed until completion.

The north parking lot will be closed until completion.

Current estimated completion date is September 2017. 

Status reports

March 2017

The picnic shelter pad has been formed and concrete has been poured.  Demolition of the trails have begun.

February 2017

Water and sewer have been installed.  Excavation for the concrete slab have started.  Playground is closed during construction.

Video from February 15th through March 1st

Time lapse video preview February 13th-15th

January 2015 through January 2017

In January 2015, we started the project.  The old building was demolished to make way for a new picnic shelter (see pictures below).  
Then on March 9, 2015 we received a letter from the State stating the OSLAD grants were frozen and construction was to cease until further notice.
Finally on August 10, 2016 we received word that the OSLAD grants were released and construction could once again commence.  However, 17 months had passed and we needed to renegotiate with our contractors updated prices for labor and materials.
 In November 2016, the contract was updated with Builder's Land for the construction of the picnic shelter.
The site has been surveyed and construction should begin shortly.
Meanwhile the Parks Department has disassembled and moved the gazebo.  We hope to reuse the gazebo at a different location.

Old Building Demo