Memorial Park Update

Wednesday, September 20 2017

If you have been by Memorial Park, you have noticed a lot of dirt being moved around and it might seem that nothing is being built. In addition to the improvements to the playground area and the construction of a bocce ball and bag area, there is a lot of underground work being accomplished. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s (MWRD) and the Village of La Grange Park’s regulations require a storm water management plan. This requirement helps to prevent water from going into the sewer during a heavy rainstorm and instead keeps the water on site for it to be absorbed into the ground. A retention pond was built in the northeast corner of the park. During heavy rain events, this area will fill up with water instead of heading straight into the sewer. This pond will also collect the water from the gutters on the new picnic shelter, the drainage system under the playground and the new splash pad. All of these “invisible” improvements will assist in keeping water out of residents’ basements during heavy rainfalls.

Underground electrical improvements is another expenditure that you won’t really see. The electrical service to the tennis court lights was directly buried and was damaged during demolition. The standard practice now is to use conduit and pull the wire through that so repairs can be made easier. We installed new conduit and wiring to the tennis court lights. Additionally, above the amphitheater, new conduit and wiring was pulled throughout the area. This will result in easier access and less cost in the event that repairs or improvements are called for in the future. Four new outlets were installed to be used for the Village Holiday tree lighting and for future special events. The new shelter on the northwest corner of the Park will also be lit and have outlets. We are improving Memorial Park with the future in mind.

The Park District looks forward to the opening of the revamped Park. As you enjoy all of the improvements above the ground, remember there are also improvements you won’t see. All of the efforts in the renovation are designed to provide Village residents with a Park that everyone can enjoy.

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